About The Lonely Corner

Although the internet offers an abundance of articles, blogs and websites about loneliness, for many people feeling lonely still seems a kind of taboo subject to talk about. And despite the large number of initiatives to raise awareness about loneliness, there are unfortunately still a lot of misunderstandings about loneliness.

The Lonely Corner aims to battle those misunderstandings, improve understanding about loneliness, and offer practical advise to cope with loneliness. The Lonely Corner combines personal experience and expert knowledge to give you the best practical advice.

If you are feeling lonely, you’ve got a friend at The Lonely Corner. We are here to help. Because we care. And because many people struggle with loneliness. You are not alone!

The Lonely Corner is an independent, not-for-profit website. No advertisements, no affiliate links and no cookies.

The Lonely Corner is not a counselling website. We are not therapists. If you feel like you can’t cope and you need help, please reach out to a mental health professional.