Feeling lonely? We are here to help.

Most people feel lonely sometimes. Some people feel lonely most times. Some even all the time. Yet most people tend not to talk about their feelings of loneliness. Even though the internet offers an abundance of articles, blogs and websites about loneliness, feeling lonely still seems a kind of taboo subject.

But feeling lonely is a normal human experience. Wherever there are people, there is loneliness. 40 percent of all people experience (temporary) feelings of loneliness at some point in their lives. About 20 percent of people often feel lonely. And 1 in 10 people feel seriously lonely permanently.

Let that sink in for a moment. Of every ten people you know, on average one feels seriously lonely all the time… Chances are you are not aware them. And if you feel lonely, neither are they. Because you can’t see loneliness on the outside. It has nothing to do with your age, gender, physical attractiveness or intelligence.

Loneliness can have a negative effect on your health, both mental and physical. It can even become an existential problem. It’s therefore important that you do not ignore you feelings of loneliness, but instead pay them serious attention.

If you are feeling lonely, you’ve got a friend at The Lonely Corner. We are here to help. Because we care. And because many people struggle with loneliness. You are not alone!

I feel lonely

I feel lonely

Do you struggle with feelings of loneliness? And you don’t know how to solve it?

Especially if you have been dealing with loneliness for a long time, it can be very hard to change that situation.

Dealing with chronic loneliness starts with understanding what causes it and how it sustains itself. And for that, you have come to the right place.

Dealing with your feelings of loneliness starts here at The Lonely Corner. Learn more about what loneliness is and how you can deal with it.

I know somebody who feels lonely

I know somebody who feels lonely

Do you know somebody who feels lonely? And you want to help?

For the non-lonely it can be very hard to understand how lonely people feel. And the well-meant advice to “just go out and meet people” isn’t going to solve it.

It starts with understanding what causes loneliness and how it feels. And for that, you have come to the right place.

A better understanding of loneliness starts here at The Lonely Corner. Learn more about what loneliness is and how you may help.

Despite the large number of initiatives to raise awareness about loneliness, there are unfortunately still a lot of misunderstandings about loneliness.

The Lonely Corner aims to battle those misunderstandings, improve understanding about loneliness, and offer practical advise to cope with loneliness. The Lonely Corner combines personal experience and expert knowledge to give you the best practical advice.

Dealing with loneliness starts with realizing that loneliness is not the same as being alone. You can be alone without feeling lonely and you can feel lonely while you are not alone. Being alone is something you are, lonely is something you feel. It’s an emotion.

There are things you can do to overcome loneliness. It’s not going to be easy. But remember: many people struggle with this. You are not alone!

The Lonely Corner is not a counselling website. We are not therapists. If you feel like you can’t cope and you need help, please reach out to a mental health professional.